Your Life Can Be Easier with these 6 Baby Gadgets

Are You Looking for The BEST Gadgets to Entertain Your Baby?

If you’re a mom or a dad, you’re always looking for ways to make your life easier with your baby. Check out these amazing gadgets that can do just that!
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When shopping for a stroller, the first priority should be baby’s safety and comfort. With so many strollers on the market including different price points, it’s difficult to know whether or not you’ve made the right decision. The more built-in systems the stroller comes with, the more expensive it can get. And even when a stroller seems like it’s built with all of the bells and whistles, you’ll find that it still lacks a feature or two. The best advice when looking for a stroller is to find one that will safely grow with baby, for example, the Best Baby Strollers And Car Seats, that you can attach and detach whatever it’s you need throughout the different growth stages. Here’s a list of useful gadgets you can purchase separately.

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Stroller controller

This gadget easily attaches to the stroller’s handle so that it allows you to walk alongside baby instead of pushing from behind. With the stroller controller, you’re able to walk ahead of the stroller to make sure you’re seen by drivers beforehand, instead of having to push the stroller into traffic first. It’s also a convenient way to hold doors open without the hassle of pulling the stroller through.

Handheld stroller fan

During the hotter summer months, a cushioned stroller seat1  can get warm, causing baby to sweat, especially the back and seat area even with the shade cover on. An attachable stroller fan provides a little breeze to make walks more enjoyable and comfortable for baby. You can also attach it to the handle of your car seat to keep baby cool when fastened in the car, stroller, or any other outings.

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Weather Cover

Speaking of weather, since it can be surprising at times, a weather cover helps protect baby from unforeseeable wet weather conditions. Because the stroller’s canopy2  usually isn’t able to go all the way around the stroller to protect baby, a weather cover can safely surround baby protecting them from rain, snow, and even annoying wind that causes baby’s eye to squint.

Cup Holder 

Some strollers come with an attachment for a drink, while some don’t. If yours doesn’t come with one, there’s a better option for you. An attachable cup holder and stroller organizer can be easily hooked on by both ends on the stroller’s handle for not only one drink, but two. You can use one for your personal drink and the other for baby’s sippy cup or bottle on your walk. It should also come with a compartment to safely store your keys, wallet, and phone.

Teddy Bears

Attachable toys

Taking a toy or two can be fun for baby but a hassle for mom if dropped more than a few times. Attaching toys to the handlebar of the baby seat in the stroller is a great way to allow baby to play during their stroll without worrying about dirty toys due to falling on public floors or streets. This also keeps you from losing toys or forgetting them.

Baby Diaper Bag Insert Stroller Organizer

If you find that you’ll need more than just a cup holder for a longer trip that requires baby’s necessities like diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. A diaper bag insert for your best travel systems can also be attached if you don’t want to carry a large diaper bag. This organizer easily hangs by hooking to ends to the stroller’s handle.

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In Conclusion

The best part about all of these gadgets is that they are attachable and detachable so you can customize your stroller to have the features you desire to accommodate you and your baby. It may also be more affordable and convenient to buy these attachments separately than to have them included in the stroller. Read about how to choose a baby stroller.


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