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We strive to bring you up-to-date reviews on the latest baby gear you as parent, guardian or nanny desire. Preferences are a top priority. Our reviews make it possible to read about the latest & best baby equipment that makes parenting both safe and fun!

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Making the right choice

Parenting is fun, We do the work

Do you long for those walks in the park, doing shopping or traveling? But with the new member in your household, extra guidance from, everyone can enjoy going for getaways, anywhere and anytime!

This Is Our Passion

What makes us different? The knowledge and reviews we share never demote any products or brands. Rather, the knowledge you receive is carefully selected information that gives you enough insight and capacity to make your final choice the right choice! We do the research; you get the knowledge.

Safe and Smiling All the Way

We review technology that perfectly suits your modern day family requirements.

What MovingBabies Can Offer You

When you are having doubts about which product would be best for your baby, we are there to assist. Valuable information on the latest models; with reviews and guides on brands are there to help you make the right choice to keep your baby safe and happy!

Reader awareness

The information we provide should reflect the questions our readers would ask; uncertainties they might experience; and clarity on all the latest products.

trustworthy reviews

All reviews should meet the pre-set standards of trustworthiness and transparency.

Thorough research

Providing high-value, as well as carefully researched information for all our readers, are essential.

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The latest information on new products.

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“My weekends out with my family were always hard to organize, with MovingBabies's help I made the perfect choice. My new baby stroller makes it so easy to bring my baby anywhere I go. If you need professional help, MovingBabies is an absolute must!”

Claudia Lucas

“MovingBabies was great when I needed advice in buying a booster car seat for my car. MovingBabies helped me to consider varies aspects I didn’t think of. The result was that I made an informed decision before buying my car seat, I still have till this day. Providing valuable info, I would recommend MovingBabies to anyone who struggles with finding the perfect booster seat for your car.”
Ellen Jenkins
Mother of Three
“After I approached MovingBabies to guide me in the right direction with regards to double strollers, I never looked back. At the park, my twin babies can now take a walk with me in total safety. The knowledge I gained using this website really made a difference in the type of stroller I bought. I would recommend MovingBabies to any parent who prioritizes safety for their babies.”
Tom Davids
Father of Two
“After I bough a new car, I approached MovingBabies to help me buy the most efficient car seat. MovingBabies gave me insight on which seat cover to include in my purchase. The result was that I now have a safe car seat for my baby, and a beautiful cover for it. I couldn’t be any happier and would recommend MovingBabies.”
Ash Chadwick
Father of Two
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