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When Sam Evans isn’t pursuing her career as founder and editor of MovingBabies, she is a mother 3 beautiful children; 7-year-old Dillon, 3-year-old Jack, and Eva, her 9-month-old princess. Sam’s ambition is supported by her devoted Husband, Andrew, and let’s not forget to mention Codi, the family’s beloved fur baby.

Sam and her young family live in a picturesque suburb in Virginia, often travelling to enjoy the beautiful scenery the state has to offer.


Sam, a marketing major, graduated from her local College in 2011. During her studies, she met Andrew, and they married in 2013, 1 year before welcoming little Dillon.


Once graduated, Sam pursued an active career as a social media manager, working at a prestigious digital marketing firm. However, she shifted priorities once her first son was born.

Like so many parents across the globe, Sam battled with the juggling act of being a working mother. However, she was not ready to give up her career.

When she was pregnant with her second child, Jack, she conceptualised MovingBabies. The schlepp of shopping for strollers, car seats etc., while balancing a career and a young child, made her realise that there’s a need for a one-stop information portal where parents can analyse the best travel systems on the market.

Thus, MovingBaby was born.


Sam has grown MovingBabies into a platform big enough to hire more parents looking for a work-life balance. She feels blessed to be her own boss and mostly work from home, never missing a moment of watching her children grow.

The brand is currently going through an exciting period of growth and expanding beyond travel safety by offering expert parenting tips on various topics.

Today, Sam is proudly a hands-on, present mother who helps 1000’s of mothers all over the US and abroad to make educated parenting decisions.



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