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Are you sometimes faced with the need for an extra booster seat? Well the Cosco Topside Booster car seat is the answer for you

We have just added updates to this blog post to include a couple of interesting updates. We hope that they will assist you in your process to find the perfect one for your demands.

Sometimes we are confronted with the issue of needing an additional booster seat; you may have a visiting child. The Cosco Topside Booster Car Seat will come in handy as you install it right next to your child’s booster seat. It has been expertly created to be a twin to an existing booster seat.

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Who Is It For?

Some cars have seats which make it difficult for some booster seats to fit in correctly. This Child Booster Seat fits in well, or maybe there is a visiting child, their safety is also guaranteed. All you need is to have one of these booster seats for the visiting child, and they can also enjoy a safe ride.

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The Cosco Topside Booster Seat Review

Intended Use 90%
Product Rating 80%
Value For Money 90%
Price 90%

Cosco Topside Review Table

SummaryIt is a Lightweight, handy, safe and convenient Toddler Booster Seat
Intended use9/10Belt-positioning, for the safety, if your children
Product rating9/10Many happy customers are the reason for this rating
Value for money9/10Good money for a necessary booster
Support9/10Arm-rest helps support seat-belts
Effectiveness10/10Narrow and safe fits across three seats
Price10/10Great price for value

Quick Summary

This lightweight Travel Booster Seat is perfect for travelling; it is handy, slim and fits snugly in between 2 car seats. If you don’t like bulky seats, this one is for you. It is convenient to use when you are on vacation, and it allows you to switch quickly between 2 cars.

We Like

Good for fitting 3 of these booster car seats across the back seat of your vehicle without causing much of a hassle which makes it good for travelling.

We Don’t Like

There is none or little padding; it is narrow and safe and good for more children in the car.

Interesting Quote

Of all nature’s gifts to the human race, what is sweeter to a man than his children?

— Cicero

What It Includes:

  • Small seats fitting three across

  • Lightweight

  • Good for vacations

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Key Features


Your child will be safe in the seat belt as it positions your kid to fit into the adult seat belt. Driving is made safe in the seat belt, so in the case of an accident, you and your loved ones are all taken care.

Narrow, thus fits three across

If you have more children visiting it is a good feature about the seat as it will allow three children to sit side by side perfectly well and safe in case of an accident.


  • Weight: 2.2 Pounds

  • Dimensions: 16X15X3 Inches

  • Minimum weight: 30 Pounds

  • Maximum weight: 100 Pounds

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Cosco Topside

Results You Get

Your visiting child does not need to travel with you unprotected, having this seat as an extra one to use when you have more company is excellent in that it keeps your visitor secure and just as safe as the other children.

Customer Reviews

At the time of publication, there were 616 customer reviews, and the product rating is 4.5 stars out of 5.

Satisfied customers said, “I love the narrow seat which is lightweight and easy to carry.”Others said, “It is convenient, and it switches quickly in between cars.”

Pros Vs Cons

Customers are happier because it is lightweight and handy for travelling purposes as it changes quickly in between vehicles. No padding is a concern for some customers, but it is a thin padding which suffices well for short trips.


  • Lightweight for easy carrying

  • Narrow fits three seats

  • Good for travelling


  • No padding, still comfortable for short trips


If you’re not happy with this Baby Booster Seat, you can try the Evenflo AMP High Back or Evenflo AMP High-back Carrissa.

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Insider Information

The High-Back Booster Seat is not heavily padded, but that would only be an issue for long distance trips after your child has had to sit on the car seat for an extended period.

Buying Advice

Shipping takes 3-5 days plus handling. For warranty information, please contact the manufacturer.

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Our Verdict

Buying the Cosco Topside Booster car seat is highly recommended for the benefits you and your family can enjoy.

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