The Only Dog Breeds That Don't Harm Your Small Baby

Make Sure You Have the Best Dog Breed Around A Newborn

Be careful! Families that have small babies in the house, or even a newborn baby, need to be careful which dogs they have around their young one. Here are the best dog breeds for small babies.
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Dogs are a gift to us, and there’s little better than having your kids grow up with one. After all, they teach them to be sociable, confident, and kind, as well as protecting them from harm and providing them with a best friend that will stick by them through every hardship and school fallout they go through. If you have a family with a new baby, it can be hard to know which breed to pick, and so we have provided a few pointers to help you choose your new addition.

Merging Your Family

Before we look at our favourite family breeds, it’s important to remember that you need to introduce your new family members slowly. You should make sure you do not tell your dog off around the baby as they may become jealous or start to associate it with being scolded. Similarly, you should always supervise your baby when they are around the dog.

This is because babies, toddlers, and children are very grabby and may end up hurting the dog. While most are very tolerant of such behaviour, they all have a point where they cannot cope anymore. Teach your child how to treat and respect a dog from an early age, and you will have a smooth experience as they grow together.

Labrador Dog

#01. Labrador Retriever

The most popular breed in countries across the world, labs1  are a favourite for families of all shapes and sizes. They have a gentle nature that is combined with a happy go lucky attitude you are sure to fall in love with. Plus, they have goofy personalities and absolutely love to play.

They need a moderate amount of exercise, and are also very easy to train. This means that when your kids are old enough, they should be able to walk the dog themselves if you have trained it well. They are quite low maintenance and just love to be around their people.

Beagle Dog

#02. Beagle

These little dogs may have been used for hunting, but they are actually very calm and affectionate dogs – not to mention that they are the perfect size to pick up and carry. They love being outside and exploring, making them the ideal adventuring companion as your babies grow up and become curious children.

They have a lot of energy as well, so they are always ready to play games and have fun – wearing both the kids and the dog out. However, their calm temperament means they are perfect for babies too.

Golden Retriever

#03. Golden Retriever

Goldens2 are wonderful, and they are also the most patient of all dogs – with a high tolerance level as well as being incredibly smart. They will put up with a lot, and they are very mild-mannered, so as your baby grows, they will adapt to it quickly and easily.

Confident, smart, and loyal, they will protect your family without question and love to be around you whenever they can. Once your babies have grown a little, they adore engaging in gentle play, and they are sure to keep each other entertained. Plus, they are really easy to train and don’t require much maintenance at all.

Newfoundland Dog

#04. Newfoundland

Also known as Newfie’s, these bundles of fluff look like giant bears (or labs with a lot of fur). They might be massive, but these gentle giants have the nickname “nature’s babysitter” for a reason, and it’s because they are such kind and tolerant dogs.

They love children, and will fiercely protect them from harm, but you will discover the whole family falls in love with them quickly. One of the most intelligent dog breeds, they are easy to train and calm as long as you give them physical and mental exercise (like any other dog).

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To Conclude

Hopefully, this has helped you to decide which breed of dog is going to blend in best with your family. There are so many wonderful dogs out there, and as long as you heed our advice, you are sure to have a smooth and memorable experience as they learn and grow together. Dogs make for the perfect addition to any family.

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