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Safety and Comfort for the Road! Double the Fun!

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Is your daily schedule like the “soccer” mum’s; literally or figuratively? Do you have a very busy daytime schedule with twins or two different-aged kids? The Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger is a wonderful stroller that makes life easier for you. This stroller allows you go about your daily business and even do your outdoor exercises with your babies right next to you. It is ideal for two children and perfect for those who have twins.

The Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller accommodates two Baby Trend car seats to form a Travel System. It has two rear pneumatic bicycle wheels for better manoeuvring, and the front wheels swivel for easier control and lock for safety. It is easy to store and transport this stroller with its trigger folding feature that folds the stroller in two in just one effortless movement. The ergonomically-shaped handle is padded making it comfortable to push your babies while jogging.

Want more good news? The stroller features a 5-point harness to keep your kids safe while on the move. There are reflectors on the frame and wheel for additional safety. The seats have their trays with acupholder, so the kids easily have snacks on the road; the parent tray with cup holders is also a plus. The storage compartment is locatedin a convenient spot for you to put your bag. This stroller offers so much for a little.

Who Is It For?

This stroller is perfect for soccer mums and busy mums with twins or multiple children.

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The Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller Review

Intended Use 90%
Product Rating 80%
Value For Money 90%
Price 90%

Baby Trend Navigator Double Review Table

Summary A jogging stroller designed with safety and comfort for active parents who have multiple children.
Product Rating 8.6/10 It is an affordable stroller that meets the needs of a growing family
Intended Use 9.00/10 It is perfect for every kind of terrain and meets the needs of the active mother with multiple kids.
Value for Money 8.5/10 Good value for money because it allows you to move around with multiple children with good safety measures.
Price 7.0/10 It is an average-priced stroller.

Quick Summary

The Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller is a jogging stroller designed for busy and active parents with multiple children with safety and comfort in mind. It is sturdy, easy to set up and manoeuvre and very safe too. It moves easily on all terrains as well.

We Like

The Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller is great for jogging and outdoor activity. It is large enough to accommodate older kids enough room for comfort. The safety features give you peace of mind, and it is compatible with most brands of car seats making it very usable. It comes with MP3 plug-in and speakers so you can enjoy some music while on the move or even play soothing tunes for your little ones. The Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller protects your children from the elements with the ratcheted canopies it features. The multi-position seat is also padded.

We Don’t Like

The front swivel casters may get damaged after some use, but your warranty covers you if this happens to you. It can be difficult to navigate through small pathways and even standard-size doors.

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Key Features

Big Pneumatic Bicycle Tyres

The stroller features dual 12-inch swivel tyres at the front for enhanced stability and mobility. You can lock the front swivel tyres when you are jogging and then unlock it for low speed strolling.The back tyres are 16inches with a quick release function for storage and travel. The bicycle tyres are air-filled for smooth pushing and suitable for all terrains.

Safety Measures

The manufacturers took safety to another level with the 5-point padded harness for safety and security even on while on a bumpy ride. The stroller also has reflectors on the frame and wheel for low light visibility.


The stroller comes with an extra – an MP3 plug-in so you can enjoy some music on your outings and even soothing tunes for your little ones. In addition to this, each seat has its tray with cup holders so your kids can have snacks on the move. The manufacturers didn’t leave the parents out with the two cup holders in the parent console.

Ample Storage Space

There is a convenient storage basket, and the parent’s console also features a covered compartment for phones and keys. The storage bag is big enough to store your diaper bag, handbag or even light shopping bags.

Build Your Own Travel System

You don’t have to pay extra for a complete travel system when you have this stroller. You can attach the Baby Trend Infant Car Seats or even other brands to this stroller to make your travel system.


The one thing that stands this stroller out is its successful attempts at comfort. The seats recline to a multi-position and are padded.


  • Item Weight: 43 Pounds

  • Minimum Weight Recommendation: 15 Pounds

  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 55 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions: 46 x3 2.5 x 43 Inches

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Baby Trend Navigator

Results You Will Get

You are sure to get every benefit of a jogger at a relatively low price. This stroller meets the essential needs of your growing family. It makes adventures for you and your children very comfortable and convenient for you with no unnecessary hassles. Each seat has its tray so your children can be entertained individually and footrest for both children’s comfort. There’s an extra! Music! You and your kids will be entertained with the MP3 player plug-in. With this stroller, there are two key things the manufacturers had in mind – Comfort and Safety! And that is what you will get.

Customer Reviews

At the time of this publication, there are 184 customer reviews on Amazon for this product, and 167 answered questions. At this time, there is a current 4.1-star rating review and for many reasons. Customers loved the fact that you can use almost every brand of infant car seat with this stroller with all its great features. A buyer wrote “I love this stroller…… I love how easy it glides with my kids in it. My five year old is tall and still fit under the canopy”.

Pros Vs Cons

It is heavy making a small person to carry without some help. However, all of this bulkiness adds to its sturdiness in the end.


  • It has big pneumatic bicycle tyres making it suitable for all terrains.

  • You can build your travel system with this jogger.

  • The stroller has a 5-point padded harness for safety and added comfort.

  • The stroller comes with an MP3 plug-in for your entertainment.


  • It is heavy, but all that bulkiness adds to its sturdiness.

  • It does not fit into most standard doors. However, it still fits into many doors.


If you decide that the Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller might be too heavy for you making it unsuitable for you; try the Baby Jogger Summit X3.

Also please make sure to check our detailed guide on The Best Double Jogging Stroller, Bob Revolution Flex Duallie and Bob Revolution Pro.

Insider Information

This stroller is sturdy, safe for you and your babies, entertaining. However, the tyres deflate easily, so you will need an airpump handy at all times.

Buying Advice

It is an ideal stroller for your growing family. It is suitable for your daily errands and outdoor activities, whatever they may be. It has a fair price. warranty.

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Our Verdict

This stroller is a good jogging stroller for a growing family; comfortable, convenient, sturdy and affordable.

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