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The Number One Stroller for A Small and Perfect Family

We aim to just include great quality, ideal products that will assist you to work out what you require for your lifestyle. Our reviews are impartial and detailed because we would like you to have all the important information – both good as well as bad before making a choice.

Do You Need A Stroller That Provides You With Excellent Safety Services?

The Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller is the best stroller for any family. It is an ultra-lightweight and comfortable to maneuver. It is one sturdy, affordable, simple to steer and it is easy to fold the stroller.

The fantastic narrow design enables any parent to fit it through any doors. It is the ideal stroller for you as you travel with your little angels.

Who Is It For?

The amazing double baby stroller is for parents who have infants of 25 to 35 Pounds and travel quite often.

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The Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller Review

Intended Use 90%
Product Rating 80%
Value For Money 90%
Price 90%

Delta Children LX Review Table

SummaryDelta Children LX Side by Side Stroller has fantastic elements and is compact and efficient
Product Rating9.00/10lightweight double stroller has a 360-degree swivel shock absorbing front wheels that make moving two kids a walk in the park
Intended Use9.00/10It is a stroller for infants of 25 to 35lbs
Value for Money9.00/10It is worth its value

Quick Summary

The twin buggy stroller has a 5-point harness that keeps the kids safely in the seat for a comfortable ride. It also has a compact umbrella fold that makes for easy travel. The 360 swivel shock absorbing front wheels makes moving around with two kids as easy as ABC. It is a fantastic lightweight double jogging stroller that gives you satisfaction.

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We Like

The double buggy is comfortable to maneuver and ultra-lightweight. The 5-point harness gives your child ample protection and leaves you with peace of mind. It has a fantastic narrow design that lets it fit through most doors. Last but not least, it is sturdy, durable, has incredible reclines, and it can be folded and unfolded easily.

We Don’t Like

The double baby stroller has small sun visors thus they don’t give your child enough protection from external elements. The handles are also down so accessing them can be a huge struggle.

However, despite these issues, the tandem stroller is convenient and has an incredible 5-point harness.

Interesting Quote

Every child you encounter is a divine appointment.

— Wess Stafford

What It Includes

The side by side tandem stroller has a 360 swivel shock absorbing front wheel that makes traveling with your baby a walk in the park. It also has an umbrella fold that makes it for easy travel and storage. The fantastic 5-point harness keeps your child safely strapped in the seat, and it provides you peace of mind. The lightweight frame and slim design allow it to fit through any door.

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Key Features

Front Wheels

It has the 360 swivel shock absorbing front wheels that make it simple for you to travel and move to the streets with your child.

5-Point Harness

It is a great feature that keeps the baby safely strapped in the seat thus providing them with top-notch security.


  • Harness: 5-point

  • Two Baskets: Large and Spacious

  • Cup Holders: Two

  • Umbrella Fold: Compact

  • Item Weight: 18.3 Pounds

  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 35 Pounds

  • Minimum Weight Recommendation: 25 Pounds

  • Wheel Type: Swivel

  • Orientation: Forward Facing

  • Canopy: Large European Style

  • Front Wheel: 360-degree Swivel

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Delta Children LX Side By Side

Results You Will Get

With the endless rounds you make in the city, by shopping, working and driving around, a stroller that will help you do these activities freely in the streets with your child would come in handy. This double jogging stroller comes with a 360-degree swivel shock absorbing front wheel that allows you to move about a walk in the park. It is also an ultra-lightweight frame and small enough thus it can fit through any doors and aisles.

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Customer Reviews

At the time of writing, there were 506 reviews and a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Most of the customers were pleased with the incredible quality and its lightness.

Some of the reviews included: ‘Best stroller ever’ and ‘excellent quality material.’

Pros vs. Cons

The double stroller has little sun visors that don’t give your baby enough protection from Mother Nature’s elements. The handles are too low so accessing them can be quite a struggle.

However, despite these issues, the stroller is convenient and has an incredible 5-point harness.

Some of the con reviews included: ‘One star’ and ‘horrible sun shades.’


  • 5-point harness

  • Easy to assemble and steer

  • Comfortable to maneuver

  • Durable and affordable

  • Fits through most doors and aisles

  • Sturdy and lightweight

  • Collapses quickly


  • Sun visors are too small

  • Handles are down


The twin buggy’s sun shades are too small thus they don’t provide enough shade for your baby. The handles are also too low thus it is uncomfortable to use the stroller. With this in mind, if you are uncomfortable with these problems and prefer another product, we recommend you Delta Children City Street. You can also try the Delta Lx 2 Review.

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Insider Information

The Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller has a few issues with its sunshade and handles, so if you feel that they are a bit too much for you, you can always opt for other better strollers that suit your requirements.

You can watch the demo for the Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller here

Did You Know?

Children don’t remember much before the age of 3, due to what psychologists call “infantile amnesia.” Neuroscientists believe that early experiences never make it into long-term memory banks because the brain’s recording machinery isn’t functional yet or because memory is tied to language acquisition.

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Our Verdict

We recommend that you purchase this twin stroller so that you can take full advantage of all its qualities and services it provides for you and your baby.

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