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Tandem Stroller FAQ’s

Q: How Does One Clean Their Stroller?

A: The strollers’ and joggers’ seats and canopies are of durable, lightweight, and washable fabrics which one can quickly detach from the frame. You can clean the material with cold water on the delicate cycle of your washing machine and then attach it back onto the stroller to dry.

Q: Do People Need Double Strollers?

A: Double baby joggers may be vital for some families and luxury to others. The carriers are essential to parents of twins, as they need a jogger that can carry two kids of similar ages and needs. Parents with kids of varying ages might consider using a single stroller and a baby carrier combo, or even a single stroller and a stand-up combo, which comes with a footstep for toddlers to stand-on. That is why most parents carefully look into the difference in the infants’ ages as the most important factor when considering a double stroller purchase. Kids with much older siblings may not need the services of a side-by-side or front-to-back stroller, but they may instead be satisfied by using a jogger with one infant and thus allowing the second kid to walk alongside or stay put in a wearable carrier.

Q: What Can One Do So That They Can Keep Their Stroller In Safe and Excellent Condition?

A: To excellently maintain your stroller, you need not leave it outside in bad weather. You also need to keep the wheels in great shape, check all the belts and fasteners periodically to be confident that they do not tear or break. It is vital always to keep the seat cover clean. You also need to apply the brake and make sure it works well when you need it.

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