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The Double Stroller That Maintains Functionality, Quality and Dual Capability

We have recently updated this blog post to include a couple of new updates. We hope that they will assist you in your journey to find the best one for your demands.

Are You A Parent And Looking For A Convenient Way To Have Your Two Kids With You When You Go Out For A Walk Or Moving Around For Working?

As a parent, the most precious cargo that you will ever carry is your baby. So it is not a surprise that you have probably added a buggy to your baby shopping list and started looking around. Well, look no further. The Baby Jogger City Select Elite Double Stroller is just what you need. It the most versatile stroller on the market today and it was designed to keep your family rolling as it grows from one child to two or even three.

It features the Patented Quick-Fold Technology that allows you to fold your stroller in one simple step and the 12″ forever-air quick-release tires with front wheel suspension and dual lockable swivel front wheels for all-terrain strolling.Together with other incredible features, the Baby Jogger proves to be just what you need.

Who Is It For?

The stroller for parents with infants of 1 to 100 pounds .

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The Baby Jogger City Select Elite Double Stroller Review

Intended Use 90%
Product Rating 80%
Value For Money 90%
Price 90%

Baby Jogger City Select Elite Review Table

SummaryThe tandem that gives you innovation, convenience and functionality on a silver platter
Product Rating7.50/10The stroller has fantastic features such as the dual swivel front wheels for precise manoeuvrability, and they can lock into place for long distance strolling
Intended Use9.00/10It is a double tandem for infants of 1 to 100lbs
Value for Money9.00/10It is worth its value

Quick Summary

The Baby Jogger City Elite offers you modern luxury and comfort over any terrain. Your little ones will ride in style while enjoying the plush seating, raised kicker and vented seat recline.


It also features the incredible multi-position sun canopies that block any sun rays or heavy raindrops from hitting your angel. It also boasts of the fantastic clear view windows and side ventilation panels that allow your child to observe the world and all its goodness at a close range.

We Like

The double buggy is easy to clean, use and assemble, and also very versatile. It also features the functional retractable weather covers that shield your child from Mother Nature’s otherwise harmful gifts and the five-point harness that offers him security as you move from one street to the next.

We Don’t Like

The triplet stroller has no cup holders and is cumbersome. However, despite these issues, it is compact, easy to assemble and navigate.

Interesting Quote

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.

— Chuck Swindoll

What It Includes

The system includes the patented quick-fold technology that makes it easy to carry it to whichever destination you choose.

Want to know the best part?

It also features the 5-point harness that keeps your kid securely snug in the seat. It also incorporates the raised kicker that adds leg support for smaller children and the hand-operated parking brake for better control of the stroller.

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Key Features

Dual Swivel Front Wheels

The wheels offer you precise manoeuvrability, and they can lock into place when you opt for the long-distance strolls.

Patented Quick-Fold Technology

It allows you to fold your double stroller in a straightforward step-thus giving you compactness.


  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 100 Pounds

  • Minimum Weight Recommendation: 1 Pounds

  • Item Weight: 41lbs

  • Target Gender: Unisex

  • Harness: 5-Point

  • Canopy: Individually Adjustable Multi-Position Sun Canopy

  • Basket: Large and Under Seat

  • Stroller Color: Black

  • Material Type: Steel

  • Tubing: Durable

  • Wheels: 12” Forever Air Quick-Release Tires

  • Fold: Patented Quick-Fold Technology

  • Swivel: Dual Lockable Swivel Front Wheels

  • Seats: Adjustable Plush Padded Seats

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Baby Jogger

Results You Will Get

The city elite offers parents modern luxury and comfort over any terrain. Your little angels can ride in style while enjoying the plush seating, raised kicker and vented seat recline. It also features the Patented Quick-Fold Technology that allows you to fold your double stroller in one simple step and the dual swivel front wheels for precise manoeuvrability. It makes for a comfortable, compact and worth-while stroller.

Customer Reviews

At the time of writing, there were 25 reviews and a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Most of the customers loved that it is comfortable, versatile and has incredible features.

Some of the reviews included: ‘Perfect for Autism and other needs’ and ‘Best Stroller Choice.’

Pros & Cons

The double buggy is cumbersome and has no cup holder. However, it is versatile, simple, easy to navigate with and comfortable.

Some of the cons included: ‘One star’ and ‘other than that we love it.’


  • Easy to assemble

  • Simple to adjust

  • Affordable

  • The narrow design enables it to fit through most doorways

  • Quick-Fold Technology

  • Convenient and 5-point harness

  • Retractable weather covers

  • Manoeuvrable

  • Versatile

  • Easy to clean

  • Hand-brake makes it secure

  • Durable

  • Impressive adjustable handle


  • Bulky

  • No cup holder


Q: Can One Jog or Run with the Baby Jogger City Elite Stroller?

A: Yes you can. The Elite Baby Jogger Stroller offers you exceptional performance and maneuverability on any terrain. It is equipped with the all new remote swivel lock that one mounts on the handlebar. All you have to do is to flip the lever to lock the front wheel straight when you are off for a run, or you may opt to release it to swivel mode in one step when jogging or walking without having to touch the front wheel. It also has the 16” rear and 12” front quick release pneumatic tires for smooth jogs and runs with your child. Unlike some joggers, the Elite is perfect for your outdoor escapades and it assists you in making your fitness choices easy.

Q: Does the Baby Jogger City Elite Stroller Come with a Rain Cover?

A: Yes it does come with one. One of its most valued features includes the sizeable adjustable sun canopy, which also serves as the rain cover, with peek a boo window and side ventilation panels. The canopy safeguards your baby from harsh weather elements while the peek-a-boo windows allow your kid to have a good view of Mother Nature’s gifts, and the side ventilation enable them to breathe.

Q: What is ASTM Certification?

A: ASTM means the American Society for Testing and Materials.

When you see an ASTM Certified* product like a Baby Jogger jogging stroller, it only goes to show that it meets the most rigorous standards set by the jogging stroller industry. For products to undergo ASTM testing and meeting the established rules, the companies themselves put them up as voluntary, and it is not a requirement of any government or commercial body.

Since ASTM standards are the highest anywhere, any product, including the Baby Jogger City Elite Stroller that meets or exceeds them is certifiable as an item of the highest possible quality.


The buggy doesn’t fit through most doorways, and the tires shake and are quite uneven. So, if these issues aren’t your cup of tea, you can try other jogging stroller options. You can try the Baby Jogger Summit X3 which has fantastic tires or the Schwinn Interval.

If you need more info, make sure to check our guide on the Best Jogging Stroller.

Insider Information

The double tandem is cumbersome and has no cup holders. Therefore, if you live for your coffee, it might not be the stroller for you. So, you can always try seeking out for the services of another stroller.

Buying Advice

You can get this product shipped to you within a limited time. The shipping and return costs are also free. There is also a gift-wrap provided.

Video Review

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Our Verdict

The Baby Jogger City Select Elite Double Stroller is an award-winning luxury stroller that provides you with the convenience of running everyday errands or going to the park. It makes every penny spent on it worthwhile with its numerous features and impressive qualities. Therefore, invest in it today and enjoy the incredible benefits it offers you.

With this price, which happens to be the most affordable it is ever before been, you shall spare a heap of cash. Make sure you visit the link below for the ultimate price.

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