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The Travelling System for Your Baby!

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Are You A Mum That Loves Taking Long Walks In The Park With Your Child?
Then Evenflo Vive Travel System is just for you. With its multiple reclining positions and 4.13 inch thick EVA wheels, strolling with your child is easier and enjoyable.

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Who Is It For?

Evenflo Vive Travel System is for moms who love taking long walks in the park, going for family vacations and adventures.

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The Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace Review

Intended Use 90%
Product Rating 86%
Value For Money 84%
Price 84%

Evenflo Vive Review Table

SummaryEvenflo Vive Travel System features Embrace infant car seat with an extended weight rating of 4-35 pounds
Product Rating8.00/10Vive stroller accommodates a maximum weight of 50 pounds and has a large canopy, full sun visor, and peek-a-boo window
Intended use8.00/10It’s a customized Travel System with multiple reclining positions for easier stroll with your child and features Embrace infant car seat that easily attaches to the stroller
Value for money9.00/10Good value as it comes with a separate car seat, large canopy, front wheel shock absorbing system and ultra slim 16-inch fold
Price8.00/10Medium priced

Quick Summary

When you want to take strolls in the park with your child and ensure that the both of you enjoy it, Evenflo Vive Travel System gives you just that. It has 4.13 inch EVA wheels, and front wheel shock absorbing system provides increased stability, safety, and comfort for your baby. Plus you get your personal space with two cup holders, cell phone compartment, and a full storage basket.

We Like

Evenflo Vive Travel System’ large canopy with full sun visor that protects your child from harmful sun rays. The straps of the featured Embrace infant car seat that is easily adjustable.

We Don’t Like

The car seat canopy is not removable however you can just clean it while it is still intact. There’s no click when attaching the car seat to the stroller however the car seat attaches safely and securely, so you just have to confirm if it has attached firmly.

Interesting Quote

Children, they’re the same everywhere. Greedy little creatures but the best listeners in the world – any world. The very best of all.

— Cornelia Funke

What It Includes:

The system consists of the ultra-slim 16-inch fold that makes it compact enough to fold and unfold. It has the full storage basket that keeps your necessities in place. It also has the front wheel absorbing system that keeps it sturdy and robust.

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Key Features

Embrace car seat

It’s a stay-in-base, lightweight and sturdy car seat that attaches easily and securely to the stroller.

Ultra-slim 16-inch fold

Which is a perfect fit for wherever you are going as it fits any size of vehicle from large to small.


  • Weight Capacity: 50 Pounds
  • EVA Wheels: 4.13 inch
  • Stroller Fold: Ultra-slim16-inch fold
  • Embrace Car Seat: Extended Weight Of 4-35 Pounds
  • System Design: Spearmint Spree

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Evenflo Vive

Results You Will Get

You will get a comfortable stroller for your child as it uses a harness instead of just a waist strap. The stroller is also easier to assemble, fold and unfold. You will also get a car seat that fits in any size vehicle from large to small.

Customer Reviews

Evenflo Vive Travel System at the time of writing has 91 customer reviews with a 4.4-star rating.
The customers like that it easily folds with one hand. Hence you don’t get pinched while trying to fold it down, ”Am amazed at how easy the stroller folds down! It’s not hard to figure out at all, and you aren’t getting your fingers pinched while trying to fold it down.”
Some customers complained of the stroller not folding and unfolding with one hand, “Another negative is that it’s impossible to fold and open with just one hand.”

Pros vs Cons


  • Large Canopy, full sun visor, and peek-a-boo window
  • Adjustable straps
  • Front wheel absorbing system
  • Stay-in-base car seat
  • Large storage basket


  • Car seat canopy is not removable
  • No click when attaching the car seat to the stroller


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Insider Information

The car seat and stroller completely locks on storage and becomes difficult to open it when you want to use it.

Did You Know?

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Our Verdict

This Travel System is not just convenient for your child; it’s also convenient to you as a mom. I recommend buying the Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace.

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