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What Are They?

These strollers are standard single strollers that come with an infant car seat. It is essentially a combo comprising a matching infant car seat and stroller that helps to streamline the travel process so that you can easily transport baby from car to stroller without the hassle. We look at a variety of options when choosing our best baby travel systems.

How Do They Work?

A travel system is a full-size, stand-alone stroller and a compatible infant car seat that clips into the stroller when you’re on foot or in the car when you’re on wheels. It allows you to switch sleeping baby from car to stroller without disturbing her dreams. It provides the only stroller you’ll ever need. Once your child outgrows the infant car seat, the stand-alone stroller goes solo.

Why You Should Trust Us?

There are many jogging strollers in the market, and we accept that no stroller has it all. Acknowledging that every parent and caregiver have their peculiar needs, we considered five factors in choosing our best jogging strollers; safety, versatility, budget, convenience and comfort, and ease of use.

Check #01. Car Seat

When choosing your travel system, you need to consider features in your vehicle seats such as an easy-to-clean fabric, a seat that locks quickly in the car’s base and a comfortable carrying handle. Also, you want a seat that allows you to adjust the harness restraint to fit a growing child.

Baby Stroller Travel System

Check #02. Car Seat Safety

A car that has a LATCH system is the safest according to Consumer Reports.

A car seat that pushes into place in the car is ideal instead of one that must be twisted. You also need to get a seat that has a recline level indicator which ensures you have placed the seat on the base at the proper angle. The car seat should also be able to support your baby’s head and keep his airway open.

Check #03. Stroller

You should check for wheels that swivel smoothly and sit evenly on the ground. Ample storage, comfortable handlebar height, simple folding mechanism, removable and washable seat or liner and an adjustable footrest are some other features you must look out for in the stroller.

Check #04. Stroller Safety

You want to test the stroller brakes before buying it. The stroller should also have a 5-point safety harness that you can easily adjust for your child’s security.

Check #05. Considerations

Remember that travel systems are often cumbersome and bulky and the stroller may be of lesser quality than buying the stroller and car seat separately. You also want to be sure that the system you are buying has not been recalled and last but not the least, ensure the vehicle seat has been installed correctly.

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