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  • Since becoming a mom I’ve loved the online community of parents who bravely, often humorously share their parenting battles.

  • We’re building an exciting community of bloggers and influencers from all over Canada.

  • In this section you’ll find many top Canadian dad blogs who are a source of great encouragement and knowledge for fellow parents.


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Canadian Dad

Canadian Dad On TwitterCanadian Dad On FacebookCanadian Dad On Instagram

Canadian Dad

Chris Read


DadCAMP On TwitterDadCAMP On FacebookDadCAMP On Instagram


– –

  • Category: Dad Blog
  • Location: Canada
  • Website: DadCAMP

Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad On TwitterCasey Palmer, Canadian Dad On Facebook

Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

Casey E. Palmer

Modern Dad Pages

Modern Dad Pages On Facebook

Modern Dad Pages

Rod McKenzie

Well-known on Twitter, Rod McKenzie has concluded that his involvement in the home is more important than any other job. On Modern Dad Pages, he shares his experience of parenting and fatherhood. McKenzie writes letters to his children about his thoughts, wishes and dreams for them. He is also PR-friendly. On On On Instagram

James R.C. Smith

James R.C. Smith runs and is a “new Dad.” On his blog, he shares stories of his new role as father and his adventures in fatherhood. He has been working in social media and digital marketing for over 10 years. He is very open to PR and marketing opportunities.

Big Daddy Kreativ

Big Daddy Kreativ On TwitterBig Daddy Kreativ On FacebookBig Daddy Kreativ On Instagram

Big Daddy Kreativ

Craig Silva

Craig Silva, a Social Media Community Management Director and father to two girls, blogs about relatable parenting moments on Big Daddy Kreativ. The blog specializes in parenting, lifestyle, automotive, events, travel, health, food, giveaways and reviews.

Daddy Blogger

Daddy Blogger On TwitterDaddy Blogger On FacebookDaddy Blogger On Instagram

Daddy Blogger

Ricky Shetty

Ricky Shetty, owner and operator of Daddy Blogger and father of three, writes mainly about family travel with young kids. He works with Tourism Boards and Corporations to inspire parents to travel more often with their kids. Shetty is a PR-friendly blogger.


aDADable On TwitteraDADable On Instagram


Matthew Slutsky

Dad to a new baby girl, Matthew Slutsky is a Toronto-based blogger who chats about family and parenting. On aDADable, he also writes about technology, travel, fashion, and lifestyle. Slutsky is co-founder and co-president of BuzzBuzzHome and co-founder of 88 Agency.

  • Category: Dad Blog
  • Location: Canada
  • Website: aDADable

Dad Don't Lie

Dad Don't Lie On Twitter

Dad Don’t Lie

Romy Aquino

Dad Don’t Lie is a dad blog about the adventure of Romy Aquino and his life as a rookie father of two. On his blog, he shares an unfiltered look at parenthood. He is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Top Daddies

Top Daddies On TwitterTop Daddies On Facebook

Top Daddies

Michael Granek

A source of inspiration and information for fathers, Top Daddies is dedicated to interviewing and recognizing amazing dads while sharing their stories, advice, and insights. Father of three children and a blogger, Michael Granek shares these stories on his website and YouTube



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