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  • Since becoming a mom I’ve loved the online community of parents who bravely, often humorously share their parenting battles.

  • We’re building an exciting community of bloggers and influencers from all over the world.

  • In this section you’ll find many top international dad blogs who are a source of great encouragement and knowledge for fellow parents.


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The DADventurer

The DADventurer On Twitter

The DADventurer

The DADventurer is a single dad’s blog about life with his wife and toddler, and is filled with tips for everything from movie night with the kids to a great family day out.

Dads Who Diaper

Dads Who Diaper On TwitterDads Who Diaper On FacebookDads Who Diaper On Pinterest

Dads Who Diaper

Dads Who Diaper is packed with parenting tips, product reviews, and humor for fathers of babies and toddlers.

Man vs. Pink

Man vs. Pink On TwitterMan vs. Pink On FacebookMan vs. Pink On Instagram

Man vs. Pink

Man vs. Pink is the work of one geeky dad as he writes about his relationship with his fangirl daughter, featuring everything from movie recommendations and recipes to parenting think pieces.

NYC Dads Group

NYC Dads Group On TwitterNYC Dads Group On FacebookNYC Dads Group On Instagram

NYC Dads Group

NYC Dads Group’s blog is packed with great parenting advice and tips for kid-friendly activities in the Big Apple.

City Dads Group

City Dads Group On TwitterCity Dads Group On FacebookCity Dads Group On Instagram

City Dads Group

City Dads Group is a multi-channel site packed with great parenting advice, tips, and hacks for dads of all stripes and offers kid-friendly activities and in-person events in the Big Apple and in 25 other major metro cities across the nation.

Family Friendly Daddy Blog

Family Friendly Daddy Blog On Twitter

Family Friendly Daddy Blog

Nick Shell

Family Friendly Daddy Blog is a site featuring reviews of everything from cars to toys, along with plenty of musings on parenting and the vegan lifestyle.

A Day in the Life Dad

A Day in the Life Dad On TwitterA Day in the Life Dad On FacebookA Day in the Life Dad On Instagram

A Day in the Life Dad

A Day in the Life Dad is just what it sounds like – a slice-of-life blog from a dad featuring stories, musings, and reviews of everything from fashion products to children’s books.

Natural Papa

Natural Papa On TwitterNatural Papa On Facebook

Natural Papa

Natural Papa is a blog for dads who want their families to live a healthy, natural lifestyle, and focuses on such topics as homebirth, homeschooling, and simple living.



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