Overcome the Struggle of Choosing a Car Seat with these 4 Tips

Are You Looking for The Best Car Seat for Your Baby?

It’s always a struggle to decide which car seat to buy. We’re helping you out with these amazing tips.
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he facts around baby car seats are scary.

According to the latest stats, over 600 children (aged 0 – 12) die in car accidents every year. Of those 600, at least 35% were not buckled up correctly.

That’s CRAZY. And so heartbeakingly stupid.

Please get this right, please choose your car seat wisely. Choosing an option that works for your lifestyle will mean that you are more likely to use it correctly. And that can save your child’s life.

We have not only helped you in choosing the infant car seat you need, but we have also outlined some the best baby seats in the market. As said, our guides are honest and sincere so you can fully trust our reviews. We’ve reviewed various baby car seat products. So if you’re interested, you can check out our Our Top Rated Car Seats reviews or top Convertible Car Seat Reviews.

Get the Best Option for Your Child

Travelling with your baby can be hectic sometimes. Try imagining having your child in the back seat of your vehicle with nothing to keep him/her safe, or you are holding him/her on your laps. It’s scary, isn’t it?

A babies car seat is as important as having a balanced meal each day. It’s that essential if you value our child’s safety. When you have an infant and are always on the road, you do need an baby car seat.

Well, wanting a seat is easy but choosing one that suits your needs best is quite difficult. It can be overwhelming especially with the countless options available on the market.

Some options vary from luxury to budget, basic to sophisticated, lightweight to heavy; the list is endless. The best way to keep your sanity while shopping is to prioritise your needs.

The Essentials You Need to Consider in Choosing

What are your must-haves? What’s your budget? What kind of satisfaction do you desire from that seat? These are just some of the questions you need to answer sincerely in order not to have the ‘buyers’ remorse’ afterwards. Our guide will help you in making this decision. After you read it, I hope choosing the right baby car seat for you and your child will be a walk in the park.

I remember when my nephew was eight months old and my sister got a job which forced her to keep on travelling. She didn’t have a nanny, so she was obliged to carry her child to all the places she had to visit. So, we decided we had to purchase an babies car seat that would serve her and the child well.

A position that would keep the infant snug in the seat at all times and whose straps wouldn’t snap even in the roughest of roads. Some of the roads here can be a bit rocky and damaged, so she needed the best of the best. Well, saying you can get one is easy but choosing the right one was a headache.

We did our research and still couldn’t get the one we wanted with the amount of cash we had set aside. I think it had taken two whole weeks of window and online shopping before we decided on one fantastic product. All you need is to get your priorities right first then you can purchase the perfect one for you.

Important Trivia

Words from the Wise on Babies Car Seats

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)1  website Parents Central- ’There are dozens of options for child car seats. Your selection should be influenced by your baby’s age, weight and height.’

This quote tells a lot about the significance of an babies car seat in the child care world and the things you do need to consider when choosing them. Deciding on what stroller to buy goes a long way in showcasing your lifestyle, tastes, child’s protection and comfort which you must consider in choosing your car seat.

If you want to skip ahead, please view our FAQs on baby car seats!

The Baby Car Seat Choice Dilemma Remedy

Choosing the right infant car seat for you and your baby is very crucial. It doesn’t only improve your lifestyle, but it makes thing less stressful for you. My sister works in the travel and media industry, so her job involves her moving from place to place.

Imagine if she didn’t have an infant car seat. She would be forced to always put her child on her laps or a regular car seat when travelling which would be very insecure and a bit reckless. She would also be under a lot of stress because she would keep on worrying about the baby.

However, with the right infant car seat, all these troubles are just but a tale. When you decide that you need one, then go on to choose the one you’d want for your baby.

Wanting is one natural process. It just takes a minute, but choosing is a tricky process.

It can be very confusing. All you need to do is to know what you require, what suits you and your baby best and the most convenient.

My sister and I went to lots of stores, pages, experts, manufacturers before we found the one that the heavens gifted us. It was the best choice we could have made. It has served her and my other sister well.

That one fantastic seat has served two generations. So, when you know your needs, then choosing one will be easy and it will be the best choice for you.

Guides to Help Decide on the Best Baby Car Seat for You

With the idea of how difficult it’s to choose the right one for your child, we decided to assist you in making your decisions easier. Our guides will you direction on what you need to consider when choosing the right one for you. You know the closer to your needs of a baby car seat meets, the more satisfaction you will get from it.

This guide is for parents with children and their nannies. You should make a point of reading it because we provide honest and sincere advice and I know you will get that perfect one for you.

  • Factor #01. Learn about the safety and budget factors
  • Factor #02. Convenience, simplicity, versatility and uniqueness factors of an infant car seat
  • Factor #03. Comfort and space factors
  • Factor #04. Need for a purpose for that infant car seat

Factor #01. Safety and Budget Factors Are the Epitome of Any Perfect Infant Car Seat

Before anything else, you need to have a budget so that you get the seat you want. It’s a feature that entails discipline and commitment.All those fancy and designer infant car seats can be very eye-tempting, but you don’t need to break the bank for you to buy a seat for your child.

That is not to say if you are willing and can afford it, you should not splurge. But being very realistic and honest with yourself will save you from buyers’ remorse in the end. Before you even choose an infant car seat, it’s advisable to work out your budget, stick to it and do a little bit of research.

My sister and I didn’t have loads of cash, so our choice basis was on an affordable seat that served our needs adequately. We did get it in the long run. So this goes to prove that you can get what you need in a baby car seat even with limited finances.

Another important feature is safety. If the security of your baby is not the one thing you always think about, you are a bit lost. It’s one significant factor that you must consider when choosing an infant car seat.

In fact, it’s non-negotiable. You don’t want to have the straps of the seat unsnap when you’re a dangerous route, or the base doesn’t hold in place on the car seat. An suitable option should have a 5point harness2  which has been proven to be the safest, a fantastic recline knob, a good base which will enable easy installation and use, twist free straps, front adjustment harnesses among others.

Without considering these two factors, then your choice will be in vain. You will get a faulty seat that will make our headache permanent.

You can view the review on How to Use Infant Car Seats

Factor #02. Convenience, Simplicity, Versatility and Uniqueness Are the Right Dose for a Fantastic Infant Car Seat

Simplicity is the key factor in any child car seat or any product whatsoever.

I don’t think anyone would want a seat that makes life hell for them. So when you decide to choose an infant car seat, it should be a factor worth considering.

You need a seat that gives you an easy time. How easy it’s to use goes a very long way in ensuring you are happy with your choice. The base, the straps and the adjustment harnesses and how easy it’s to latch it on to the seat or a stroller are the features you should consider regarding simplicity.

Some products are quite different than others. Some have click technology systems, others have a versatile travel system, and others have a taxi- safe belt path. Look at the unique features as they could be an added advantage to you. They make your choice easier.

A single product is, the better it might be for you. So don’t ignore the simple, unique features some seats might have. They are very significant.

It should also be very convenient. You don’t need one that will make your headaches permanent. You don’t need a belt adjustment system that makes loosening and tightening the belts on the seat an everyday task. You need one that is very convenient.

You also need to look at the possibility of having an infant seat which you can purchase as part of a travel system; a combination of an infant seat and a stroller.

Unique Features

It will allow you to hold the child car seat onto a stroller without waking the baby up. It’s the last convenient feature of any choice because even after your child outgrows the seat, you will have the stroller at your service.

Words from the Wise on Babies Car Seats

’I’m supposed to be a musical genius, but I can’t work the car seat that well’– Kanye West, artist and father of two, North and Saint West.

He expressed this in a certain interview when he was discussing his journey of fatherhood.

Though this quote isn’t as reliable, it does show the importance a baby car seat. It’s even impossible to get out of a hospital today without having an infant seat to protect your child so consider purchasing one.

Factor #03. Comfort, Size and Space in an Baby Car Seat Add Up To a Happy Baby

We all know that a happy wife equals happy life.

Well, a happy baby equals an easier life. The comfort of your baby is very necessary. It does go a long way in giving you an easy time. When the child is cosy, he/she is calm, and thus there are fewer tantrums.

Some of the comfort features include a sun visor that protects him/her from getting sunburns, the energy-absorbing foam liner that cushions the child in the seat and the seat covers that also add to keeping him snug in the seat.

There’s also the adjustable harness that allows you to adjust the shoulder height as per the growth of the baby, a foot/leg cover that helps create a cosy, comfortable ride for your child and the list goes on. If you want to avoid the endless cries, these are some of the features you need to consider.

The size of the seat also matters.

If you want to carry the baby to the seat at times, you need to consider purchasing an ultra-lightweight car seat. You might also look into the babies car seats that come with a travel system so that removing and attaching the seat is smooth and effortless.

Some of the seats have click connect technology systems which enable one secure attachment to stroller thus making an easy attachment, read about Stroller Gadgets. A light seat makes your movement less tiring and flexible. You can carry out your chores without worry. So consider these two factors as you choose the right option for your child.

Happy Baby

Factor #04. You Can’t Choose an Infant Car Seat Without Purpose

They say if you don’t have purpose you don’t have the will to live. In any case, what are you living for right? Well, if you don’t know the purpose you need to fulfill then you will live in a dilemma. What do you need your baby car seat for primarily?

Are you an active parent who plans on walking or even jogging regularly with your child? Then you need an option with a proper travel system. With a travel system, you can latch the seat onto a jogging stroller that is compatible with the seat thus enabling you to carry on with your hobby.

It also serves you when you need to conduct your daily chores alongside your child. You can get one that has features that enable a perfect travel system like click connect technology infant car seats so that it can be attached to a stroller. You also need to consider having a lightweight car seat so that things can be easier for you.

Know What Car Seat You and Your Baby Can Benefit the Most From

A car seat can be used as a carrycot but can also be placed on a stroller, making it a travel system. A lot of info to take in? Take one step at a time! First, understand car seat terminology before determining what car seat will be perfect for your little one.

Take Advantage by Knowing Your Car Seat Terminology

Having a new-born brings a lot of changes in a family.

It also broadens your vocabulary! Before purchasing a car seat know what types and possibilities are available. Starting off with, below are four useful car seat terminologies. Want to learn more? Click here baby travel.

  • Combination Car Seat: a car seat that only faces forward and uses a harness to a specified weight limit where after it converts to a belt-positioning booster.
  • Convertible Car Seat: a car seat that can be used rear-facing as well as forward-facing. *Some models also change to belt-positioning boosters and are called 3-in-1 / all-in-one seats.
  • Harness: The straps that secure your child to the car seat. It should be tight and comfortable.
  • Harness adjuster: The apparatus that adjusts the tightness of a harness. This adjuster can be in the front, at the back or on the harness itself at chest-level. For convenience, it’s best to have the adjuster in front.

Choosing Your Infants’ Car Seat in No Time.

It is this easy for you! Simply use the table below to determine which car seat fits your child’s current development stage the best.

Birth – 22lbs (10kg)Group 0Rear-Facing Car Seat
Birth – 29lbs (13kg)Group 0+Rear-Facing Car Seat
20 – 40lbs (9-18kg)Group 1Group 1 Rear- or Forward Facing Car Seat
20 – 79lbs (9-36kg)Group 1,2,3High Back Booster Seat
33 – 55lbs (15-25kg)Group 2High Back Booster Seat
33 – 79lbs (15-36kg)Group 2,3High Back Booster Seat
48 – 79lbs (22-36kg)Group 3Booster Cushion


Before purchasing a car seat know the correct terminology and predetermine what seat your baby needs. Choosing the right car seat will keep your baby safe and comfortable while on the move!

My Personal Takeaways

As overwhelming as the infant car seat market may prove to be, one thing we all agree on is that safety must come first. It’s expedient that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Although some baby car seats come with various harnesses, a 5-point safety harness gives more security, especially for older children. It has been tested and proven by infant car seat experts.

You may want to review the return policies and warranties very well. Sometimes some of the cheaper baby seat models may not be a great deal after all.

Making your decision early on in pregnancy may as well work in your favour as you can register for the model you want before your baby shower.

Summary of How to Choose a Baby Car Seat

We expect that you will carefully read the baby car seats descriptions and understand their importance differences before committing to purchase. If you are not satisfied with your infant car seat, you can always return it if it has that policy or gets a replacement. I know you want to enjoy your baby seat for as long as you can. If you are not satisfied with its features as well, you can always customise some seats by attaching add-ons.

If you have never bought an infant car seat, you can swing by a retail shop and have a feel of the baby seats you are considering or they might have. Sometimes, this is more helpful than just making a final decision online.

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To Conclude

A baby car seat sure does give you the freedom to live a more comfortable lifestyle, and little details go a long way in making a big difference.


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