How To Choose A Baby Stroller

Are You Overwhelmed with all the Stroller Options on the Market?

I’ve worked for big corporates, had crazy bosses, employees reporting to me, terrifying deadlines and been responsible for large sales accounts; but NOTHING prepared me for becoming a mother and the overwhelming process of setting up my life around a tiny human boss.

Literally nothing can prepare you for this.

So, two years of parenting down the line, and an infinite number of hours trawling the internet for actual useful information on what to buy for my pint size dictator. I’ve put together this guide on how to choose a baby stroller. It’s pretty comprehensive but there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. I should know, I’ve tried enough of them!

Choosing the right baby stroller for you and your family can be overwhelming especially with the countless options available on the market. You have options that vary from luxury to budget, basic to sophisticated, lightweight to heavy, single or double strollers, tandem or side by side strollers and the list is endless. The best way to keep your sanity while researching and shopping for a babies stroller or strollers as the case may be is to prioritize your needs.

What are your must-haves? What extras wouldn’t you mind? What is your budget?

Paul Reiser, an American comedian and author of Babyhood, said

“The jewel in the baby product crown is the stroller. And if in America you are what you drive, then in Parentland, you are what you push.”

This quote tells a lot about the significance of a stroller in the baby care world and the various roles it plays. Deciding what stroller to buy goes a long way in saying your lifestyle and taste and these must be considered in choosing a baby trend stroller.

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Baby Strollers - What Are Your Needs

We have outlined a few things to consider when choosing your stroller. The closer to your needs a stroller meets, the more satisfaction you will get from your stroller.

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Need #01: Budget

Budget is one thing that entails serious discipline.

All those fancy and designer baby strollers can be very catchy, but you don’t need to break the bank for you to buy a basic necessity. That is not to say if you are willing and can afford it, you should not splurge. But being very realistic and honest with yourself will save you from buyers’ remorse in the end. Before you even choose a stroller at all, it is advisable to work out your budget, stick to it and do a little bit of research.


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Need #02: Safety

Safety is one significant factor that must be considered when choosing a stroller.

In fact, it is non-negotiable. Although some strollers come with a 3-point safety harness, your stroller ideally should have a 5-point safety harness with waist, crotch and shoulder straps. However, the most important thing as regards safety harness is that it MUST have a proper restraint that will keep your child secure.

All strollers should have at least one parking brake, and its release mechanism should not be easily accessible to your child. Many jogging strollers come with a tether strap as well to prevent the stroller from rolling away while going down a hill for example.

Need #03: Ease of Use

How Easy Your Stroller Is To Use

How easy your stroller is to use for the reason you need it goes a very long way. The steering, the handle and how easy it is to collapse the stroller should be a factor.

Steering and Manoeuvrability:

Comfortable steering is imperative especially if it is a jogging stroller.

Many jogging strollers now come with a lockable swivel wheel which means you can lock the tyre when going on a rough terrain for improved comfort for your child. You should also be able to walk with the stroller without hitting your shins on it


You should be able to collapse your stroller very quickly without needing to fuss. Some improved strollers now make it possible for you to collapse your stroller with just one hand leaving the other hand free for you to attend to the baby. This feature is especially great when your child is a bit fussy. This feature is not a one-rule feature as what may seem easy for someone else may not be that way for you. It is important that it is easy to collapse for YOU.

Adjustable Handle:

If you and your partner will be using the stroller regularly and there is a significant difference in height, it is advisable that you look for a stroller with height-adjustable handle.

Need #04: Ability to Attach Add-ons

Some strollers may meet your needs well but may lack some other essentials that you desire.

For example, you may need a long-term stroller that will grow with your child or children, then a travel system or a stroller with car seat adapters is your best bet.

It could be that you have an older child who may not fit into a stroller anymore but gets tired quickly; your stroller should be able to accommodate a running board.

Other add-ons include weather cover, sun shade; bug net, toy attachments, snack tray and cup holder, diaper bag strap and the list goes on.

Need #05: Weight

Usually, the weight and size of a stroller correlate with its purpose. For example, jogging strollers will be bigger and weigh more than umbrella strollers. Where you want to use your stroller and how often you want to use your stroller will determine if you can overlook the extra weight and size that comes with some models of strollers. It is important also to ensure that neither parent will struggle to lift or push the stroller. Many parents, however, invest in an umbrella stroller for quick trips to shops if they own bigger strollers.

Need #06: Purpose

What Do You Need Your Stroller For Primarily

Are you an active parent who plans on walking or even jogging regularly with your baby? Then all-terrain strollers or baby trend jogging strollers may be good options. These types of strollers are sturdier in build and handling. Having a stroller with a lockable swivel wheel makes it easy for you to move from one type of terrain to another without a problem.

You may just need a stroller to keep in the trunk of your car for use around the shopping centre; an umbrella stroller is your best bet even though they are not sturdy. However, they are lightweight and easier to fold and carry.


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Need #07: Space

You will need as much space as you can get when you go out with your baby from packing a bag that is the size of a small country to a couple of shopping bag to a pick-up from the local coffee shop or dry cleaners, and the list can go on forever. You may realise that you run out of space and hands very fast. You may want to consider a stroller with a shopping basket or an add-on option when needed.

Did You Know?

Movie trailers were originally shown after the movie, which is why they were called “trailers”.

Your Easy to Use Stroller Guide: Helping You Parenting.

Choosing that perfect and comfortable stroller for both you and your baby can be a challenge.

What you need is a parent-friendly need to know information guide. By answering only two questions, the below guide will have you choose your baby stroller hassle free.

#01. Ask Yourself: When Will I Use My Stroller?

Before deciding which stroller you are going to purchase, determine what you will be using it. If you take part in several outdoor activities like travelling or park runs a stroller that is more resilient or lighter will be a better option. But if you are going to use the stroller only for shopping, walks or moving your baby around at home a less robust stroller will be your go to option.

Remember that your stroller should at the same time complement your family’s lifestyle and keep your baby safe and comfortable. For more on what to bear in mind when buying a stroller feel free to check out baby travel.


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#02. Ask Yourself: What Practical Factors Should I Keep in Mind?

Except for considering your family’s lifestyle also keep in mind practical aspects regarding a stroller. Ask yourself the following five questions:

  • What is the limit you are willing to pay for a stroller?
  • What is the limit you are willing to pay for a stroller?
  • Will the stroller ensure more convenience and less hassle for your everyday routine and lifestyle?
  • Does the stroller fit into your current vehicle when folded?
  • Does the stroller have a suitable and efficient tether strap?
  • Do you want to be able to add extra baby gear onto your stroller, creating a travel system?

Quickly Understand Stroller Differences.

That’s a Wrap!

How to choose the best suitable baby stroller for your little one can be easy.

Consider your lifestyle as well as practical aspects before purchasing that perfect stroller. You and your infant deserve it!

My Personal Takeaways

As overwhelming as the stroller market may prove to be, one thing we all agree on is that safety must come first. It is expedient that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Although some strollers come with a 3-point safety harness, a 5-point safety harness gives more security, especially for older children.

You may want to review the return policies and warranties very well. Sometimes that cheaper stroller model may not be a great deal after all.

Making your decision early on in pregnancy may as well work in your favour as you can register for the model you want before your baby shower.


Choosing the right stroller for you depends almost entirely on you. You know your peculiar needs, and it is advisable you pick your stroller based on your needs in order of priority. For example, if you are an active parent who would like to go jogging with your baby, your needs will be entirely different from the mum who likes to travel light or one that has twins or a special needs child.

It is expected that you carefully read the stroller descriptions and understand their differences before committing to purchase. If you are not satisfied with your stroller, you can always return it if it has that policy or gets a replacement. You want to enjoy your stroller for as long as you can. If you are not satisfied with its features as well, you can always customise some strollers by attaching add-ons.

If you have never bought a stroller, you can swing by a retail shop and a feel of the stroller or strollers you are considering. Sometimes, this is more helpful than just making a final decision online.

A baby stroller sure gives you the freedom to live a more comfortable lifestyle, and little details go a long way in making a big difference.

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