Amazing Baby Tantrums to Make You Laugh

Laugh with Us at Some Sweet Baby Moments

Grim Expression

There are some special moments with kids that you can’t help but laugh at. Here’s a collection of some of the best we’ve found on the web.


Funny Tantrum
Funny Breakfast
Funny Vader
Funny Leaving
Funny Bacon
Funny Beer
Funny Murray
Funny Obama
Funny Muffins
Funny Cheese
Funny Dinner
Funny Banana
Funny Oven
Funny Door
Funny Halloween
Funny Dirt
Funny Crayons
Funny Nappy
Funny Pennies
Funny Fork
Funny Receipt
Funny Lobster
Funny Wagon
Funny Bieber
Funny Cracker
Funny Microwave
Funny Leg Hole
Funny Hat
Funny Chair

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