Choosing Your Baby's Travel System Has Never Been This EASY

Are You Looking for The BEST Travel System?

If you’re wondering which travel system to buy for your baby, you won’t be wondering for long. We help you to choose the PERFECT one.
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When I was pregnant with Baby Number 1 I had no idea that Travel Systems were even a thing.

If you’d asked me what a baby travel system was, I’d probably have looked at you blankly then, realizing that it was actually something I should know as a parent-to-be, I’d have made something up about how to plan to travel with your baby.

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Well, save yourself the googling, it’s basically an all-in-one system for transporting your baby and includes a car seat and stroller (as well as many other extras depending on the model you choose.)

It’s meant to make your life easier, and it’s often more cost effective than buying everything separately, but do your homework before you make the decision. Try and think about where and how you will be using it.

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For us, a travel system really didn’t work (we had one for Baby 1 and a different one for Baby 2) but there are plenty of my friends who would STRONGLY disagree – for them, a baby travel system was a game changer.

Be Smart When Buying Your Travel System

Do all the various shapes, features, benefits and prices offered by each travel system intimidate you? Fair enough. But you’ll be surprised how simple it can be! The ‘What to Look Out For’ and ‘Be Smarter’ guides below will empower you to keep your baby safe while on the move (and also happy and comfortable).

Your Personal Guide – What to Look Out for

Important Aspects

Your Be Smarter Guide

Be smart when you buy your setup. Stay on top of it knowing what your travel system is capable of, especially when it comes to the safety features. Does it meet all the safety standards?1 Does it have the right type of harness?2 

Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

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What’s the Difference Between Travel System and Stroller?

What Does A Travel System Include?

What’s the Safest Travel System?

In Conclusion

Know what you are looking for and be smart when you are about to make this important purchase. Let the various shapes, features, benefits and prices of each system work towards your and your baby’s benefit!

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