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The first time I walked into a baby department store when I was pregnant I lasted all of five minutes. There are TOO MANY CHOICES. Why can’t there be just one stroller option? Why do they need to come in different colors? What are all the extras even for?

I went straight home and wrote down a list of features that I thought would be essential, and some nice-to-haves. Once I had done that, I started googling.

I’ve distilled my wishlist into 7 questions you can ask yourself to get a better idea of what you’re looking for. Choosing the correct pram at the beginning will save you time, money and frustration in the long run as having the wrong one can make the job of parenting a child even more challenging than it already is!

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1. What Is Your Budget?

This might be the one area where you want to splurge – having the perfect stroller can make a huge difference. There is a huge range of prams, and the average price for a good one is around 400 dollars. Have a look at what you need the pram for and how often you will use it and then try to make a decision on how much to spend.

2. Where Are You Going To Use Your Stroller?

Different babies stroller options perform better in different terrains. Most work well for neighborhoods with flat sidewalks but a jogger will work well for uneven terrain and a compact option will be more useful for crowded city living. A double stroller wil work well for twins or for moving around with a toddler and baby.

3. How Much Will You Carry it Around?

Strollers get heavy really quickly – consider how often you will need to carry it up stairs or load into your car.

Try out different prams to find out which ones are easy to break down and pop up and which ones are lighter (if you will need to be carrying it).


4. Do You Want to Use it for Your Newborn?

This may require purchasing a bassinet or infant adapter to carry a newborn. You’ll want to get out of the house with your newborn and it’s much easier if you have the necessary parts to make your stroller newborn-compatible.


BONUS DOWNLOAD: A Guide to Buying the Perfect Baby Stroller

CLICK HERE to get extra insights and know what's important about Baby Equipment.

5. What Accessories do You Need?

Most strollers have a range of different accessories that you can purchase.

Think about storage, cup holders, rain covers and snack trays and decide what you actually need as purchasing these separately can get quite expensive.


6. How Much Shade Does it Offer?

Not all prams have a big canopy to protect your child from the sun and during summer your child’s sensitive skin will need looking after. If you are looking at double stroller options, they often compromise on shade quality so this might be something to watch out for Alternatively there are many umbrellas for strollers that can work for both sun and rain and can be purchased separately and attached.


7. Can You Keep it Clean?

We’d suggest that your choose a stroller that is darker color and has a removable, washable seat. The darker color will mean that you need to wash it less frequently and the removable seat will make your job much easier when you can no longer ignore the dirt!

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