Having your children completely unharmed after a collision is every parent’s dream especially those who ride with their kids daily.

Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Car Seat Sprocket protects your growing one in the event of an accident. The 2 in 1 feature gives you the freedom of using the booster seat as a high-back or a no back seat.

Who Is It For?

You don’t want your kids to get harmed in a vehicle crash. You can keep that from happening by installing this Baby Booster Seat in your car. If you are concerned about your child sitting well and feeling comfortable, the 6-adjustment Booster ensures that your child is comfortable.

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The Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Car Seat Review

Intended Use 90%
Product Rating 80%
Value For Money 90%
Price 90%

The Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Car Seat Review

SummaryIt is All About Comfort, safe, and Space with this Travel Booster Seat
Intended use10/10One-hand 6-adjustments, 2 in 1 removable back
Rating9/10Many positive reviews from happy customers
Value for money9/10Less price for quality benefits
Support10/10Comfortable padding around neck and body
Effectiveness10/10Tested for safety
Price10/10Great price

A Quick Summary of the Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Car Seat

A comfortable ride is necessary to keep growing children in their daily rides. The energy absorbing foam does that plus the added safety. The seat will maintain the head and side of your child safe in the case of a collision.

We Like

The one hand 6-adjustment positions to fit the size of the child. The seat transitions to a no back booster to suit children who feel more comfortable in a no back seat.

We Don’t Like

The Child Booster Seat doesn’t stay in place, it is flimsy, but it works well in supporting their heads when they sleep in long trips.

Interesting Quote

All children start their school careers with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds, and a willingness to take risks with what they think.

— Ken Robinson

The Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Car Seat Includes:

  • 2-in-1 removable back for transition to a no-back booster

  • One hand 6-position height adjustment

  • 2 cup holders for drinks

  • Energy absorbing foam liner for safety and comfort

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Key Features Of Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Car Seat

6-position height adjustment

Growing children naturally grow taller, and this doesn’t call for a new seat but an adjustment to a higher height for comfort and safety.

The energy-absorbing foam liner

The Absorbing Foam is suitable for protection in the event of an impact and the support which comes with the padding around the body and head.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Weight: 8.2 Pounds

  • Dimensions: 6.5x19x33 Inches

  • Minimum weight: 30 Pounds

  • Maximum weight: 110 Pounds

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Evenflo Big Kid Amp

Results You Will Get from the Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Car Seat

Safety and comfort for your growing children. The padded liners are for energy absorption and the comfort of riding in a high-fitting seat.

Testimonials & Customer Reviews

This High-Back Booster Seat scored 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon customer reviews at the time of writing this review. There 2068 positive reviews and 238 critical reviews.

Many clients said, “The head support serves as a great pillow for keeping kids in an upright position.” Other parents said, “I’m glad because of the one hand adjustment, good padding and the shiny look.”

The Pros Vs Cons

One lady is happy about the transition to no back booster seat plus the 2 cup holders for drinks while some parents are worried about the booster seat being unable to stay in place which is normal as the protection is from a seat belt.


  • 2 cup holders

  • One hand 6-adjustment

  • Energy absorbing liners

  • 2-in-1 removable back


  • The Kids Car Seat is flimsy, but the seatbelt still protects the children in the event of a collision

Alternatives to the Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Car Seat

There are other options to choose from in case you don’t like this booster car seat, you can try the Evenflo AMP Select (Read), Why Not Check Here on mifold Grab-and-Go, Britax Parkway SGL Belt Positioning, The Graco Affix Youth High Back Booster Car Seat Latch System or Find review on Evenflo Big Kid High-back Booster Car Seat Denver.

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Insider Information

The Car Booster Seat may be flimsy, but still, this does not mean that your child is unsafe.

Buying Advice

You can request the warranty copy from the manufacturer as the warranty depends on where you purchased the product.

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Final Thoughts

Customers are satisfied with various benefits received from the use of the Toddler Booster Seat. I strongly recommend that you buy the Evenflo AMP Big Kid Booster Car Seat Sprocket.

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