Now You Can Capture Your Sweet Baby's Growth

Remember Your Little Angel’s First Year

The first year of a baby is very eventful. They grow, develop and change almost daily.
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I spent most of the first your of my baby’s life in a sleep deprived haze.

I had to google everything multiple times, most often at 2am in the morning trying to figure out if waking up every hour was normal (it depends), if my baby was reaching all their milestones (I think so) and what I could expect from them next developmentally (trying to prepare myself – hahaha – nothing can prepare you!)

Once I was out of that, I put together this milestone planner – it’s a neat printable resource that will help you keep track of where your child is at and what you can expect next in the first year. I hope it helps you!

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  • Responds to sound
  • Begins to smile
  • Follows objects
  • Stares at faces (and all the of relatives stairing back at him doing funny gestures)


  • Grasps toys
  • Follows your voice
  • More noises and sounds


  • Rolls over
  • First solids
  • Sits with support
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Interesting Facts About Your Baby’s Development

A baby as young as two days old will recognize their mother’s voice.

Your baby’s brain will double in their first year (it’s half the size of yours at one year.)

Your baby’s sense of smell is stronger than yours and they use it to identify their parents.


  • Starts crawling
  • Shy with strangers
  • Respond with babbling
  • Sits without support

Your baby will start to explore the world (your appartment) and most likely you will do that together. Make sure you bring with you knee protectors1  because this will be really challenging period of your baby’s development.


  • Says “mama” and “dada”
  • Stands while supported
  • Eats with fingers
  • Use finger to point

This is one of the funniest periods in your baby’s development. Both the mother and the father want their son or daughter to say “mama” or “dada” for a first word and I promiss that you will have a great time “teaching” your baby to do that ????


  • Stands unaided
  • Takes a few steps
  • Imitates others
  • Understands simple phrases

Now Is the time to start learning the “baby language” we know a couple of baby language schools around to help you so make sure you drop us an email!

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In Conclusion

We’ve created this milestone chart to give you an idea of how your baby is developing. Every child is unique and develops at a their own pace.

Please contact your pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s development.2 

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