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Here’s the Best Way to Travel with Your Baby – 4 Types of Travel Systems

Check out the different types of travel systems available for you and your baby. Now you can find the perfect one for you!
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Are you an excited new mom or even about to have your second child? Are you looking for the best travel system of 2021? If yes, then you may want to hear this story.

As a new parent everything always tends to be overwhelming. Imagine just giving birth to your child, dealing with this new being in your hands and also thinking about your home and all that you need to do. To add salt to the injury, the various products this angel requires to have. It can be daunting especially if you are dealing with it alone.

Well, being pregnant with Jesse was all that and more. Those were some of our most trying moments. They were magical yet unimaginably crazy. Purchasing the travel system was even worse. We spent over $800 on a travel system and guess what? After one month of use, the frame broke, and needless to say, it was irreparable.

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What You Must Know About Infant Travel Systems

The product’s company (let’s skip its name) was not willing to exchange the system for another. For a moment there, we almost gave up. We were too tired after months and days of sleepless nights with three-month-old baby, looking for some legit and quality travel systems.

Learned by this experience, we decided to get done to do some serious research and checked thousands of websites with travel system reviews and managed to test dozens of travel systems. Yep, it took us ‘forever!’

That is how we decided to write this guide and help more parents. We hope it will help you to avoid having issues like ours and enable you to find that perfect system for your baby.

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Life as A Parent is a Breeze with These Beautifully-Crafted Baby Travel Systems

While most parents consider purchasing a travel system as a luxury and a waste of finances, the world has embraced the system as one of the most useful baby items. The carriage has become one the most basic and trendiest trend in the modern world.

We do not refute that the cost of some of these travel systems may be high, but the advantages of owning one may even exceed the price.

Benefits of a Travel System

  • Enhance convenience during your strolls, journeys, and escapades
  • Improve the comfort of your precious cargo; your little monsters
  • Give you a chance to fit fitness into your busy mom schedule
  • Source of entertainment to the little angel
  • Give the baby an opportunity to learn through play and even sight; they view the beautiful gifts of nature

With that in mind, we are, came up with a list of the ten best travel systems in the market. We did some tests on a couple of travel systems and intensively researched the features you need, based on a variety of needs and preferences. We also make sure we share with you any updates and the latest infant travel systems information, especially while ranking and rating top systems.

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What Are They?

Travel systems are infant car seat-stroller combos that let you easily clip your infant car seat into a primary stroller frame, so you can move your sleeping toddlers from the vehicle to the tandem without waking them up.

There are various models of travel systems available.

The Three-Wheel Travel Systems:

They are narrower and more compact than other travel system strollers. The triple wheeled-systems are perfect for city-dwellers who need to navigate crowded spaces on a regular basis safely.1 

The Four-Wheel Travel Systems:

They are more robust than their three-wheeled counterparts. These are ideal for strolling over uneven terrain. They also have a more comprehensive profile which means they have more storage space and durable construction. They, however, they tend to be more cumbersome than the three-wheel travel systems.

The Jogger Travel Systems:

They are for parents who want to take their little ones with them on a running escapade or adventure. They possess some large wheels2  that ensure a smooth ride even over the roughest terrain, and their streamlined design makes them easy to steer.

Double Travel Systems:

Do you have twins or two kids very close in age? The dual travel systems enable you to transport both infants easily, and you can also customize them to fit your toddler’s needs depending on their ages.

Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

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In Conclusion

Travel smart and don’t hesitate to plan your family vacation. Making sure your baby is safe and comfortable is a number one goal! Our extensive guide will help you make the best choice.


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